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Publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Circles of Solidarity : The National Contexts of Diversity and Redistribution in Developed Democracies / by Alon YakterUniversity of Michigan; Yakter, Alon
2007Demanding only autonomy : The mobilization of Catalan nationhood in the Spanish democratic transition, 1970-1975 / Scott L. GreerUniversity of Michigan; Greer, Scott L.
2019Dynamics Of Language Contact And Language Variation : The Case Of Transylvanian Saxon In The Homeland And The Diaspora / by Ariana BancuUniversity of Michigan; Bancu, Ariana
2017Europe : Requiem for an Idea? / by Huzefa KhalilUniversity of Michigan; Khalil, Huzefa
2019Managing Histories of Human Rights Abuses : Democratic Transitions and the Manifestation of Transitional Justice in Post-Dictatorship Spain and Chile / Aliza SitrinUniversity of Michigan; Sitrin, Aliza
2009Piracy, Globalization and Marginal Identities : Navigating Gender and Nationality in Contemporary Hispanic Fiction / by Alana B. ReidUniversity of Michigan; Reid, Alana B.
2020Political Battlefields in French Musical Education : Provincial Conservatories under the Nazi Occupation and Vichy Regime / by Jessica H. GrimmerUniversity of Michigan; Grimmer, Jessica
2019Remediating Endangerment : Radio and the Animation of Memory in the Western Amazon / by Georgia C. EnnisUniversity of Michigan; Ennis, Georgia
2018Roots in Stone and Slavery Permanence, Mobility, and Empire in Seventeenth-Century Cartagena de Indias / by Ana María Silva CampoUniversity of Michigan; Silva Campo, Ana
2019Summary of Dissertation Recitals / by Hsiu-Jung HouUniversity of Michigan; Hou, Hsiu-Jung
2016The Politics of the Terrorist Watch List / by Anna Grace CotterUniversity of Michigan; Cotter, Anna Grace
2015The Turning Wheel of Hostility : The E.T.A. in Literature and Film in Spain Since the 1970s. / by David M. CollingeUniversity of Michigan; Collinge, David M.
2018Versatile Violin : An Exploration of Violin Repertoire from the Baroque Era to Present Day / by Christina M. AdamsUniversity of Michigan; Adams, Christina